Project Create Peace is an initiative of Ageless Art Inc 501 c3.

Project Create Peace is a spiritual, social,
and creative experiment to inspire a more peaceful world.

Art serves as a remarkable catalyst, rewiring the brain by alleviating stress, diminishing anxiety, and even reversing age-related cognitive decline. Its therapeutic benefits extend across all age groups, offering profound healing for those grappling with severe trauma and mental health challenges.

The act of creation not only sparks synaptic connections in the brain, fostering more flexible thinking and creative problem-solving abilities, but it also contributes to a significant reduction in cortisol levels, promoting an overall sense of well-being.

#ProjectCreatePeace stands as an initiative not only to guide individuals towards becoming the best versions of themselves through artistic exploration but also aspires to influence society on a broader scale. Through the adoption of a unifying new symbol of Peace, we seek to instigate a collective shift towards positivity and harmony.

The energy you create in the present moment fuels the future. Some align with the words ‘prayer’, and some use other definitions like ‘manifestation’ and ‘intention.’ The mission of peace is far too important to squabble over the language.

The truth is that if one creates energy within, in a state of belief about a future, that energy creates a perspective about that future that will bring that experience to life.

The Laws of Attraction have proven this ideology to be true. We intend to create a future with more peace, both tangible in the form of physical expression and intangible, as the resulting feeling within due to the tranformative power of creating art.

Far too often, the positive potential of our future is overshadowed by the challenges we face. Here, we aim to redirect the spotlight, shedding light on the goodness prevailing in our world. This platform serves as a beacon, illuminating the tireless efforts of individuals dedicated to fostering peace and providing connections to those championing transformative endeavors for humanity.

Engaging in artistic expression within a community of individuals striving for a harmonious future creates a profound energy exchange that unites us. It is within this shared state of being that creative solutions to our most pressing problems emerge. Recognizing the scientific validation of the mental health benefits associated with art creation, we emphasize the crucial role of such activities in addressing the substantial challenges our world currently confronts. Adopting and studying any practice that unifies us holds immense potential in shaping a better tomorrow.

Theorists propose, and many have witnessed, that when a group of people believe in a thing, they can affect a change that defies the natural world order. Some define these as miracles attainable solely through prayer but we believe change can happen in unified thought without a distinct mechanism of devotion. 

We hypothesize that humanity holds the power to craft its own destiny through unified intention, evoking an unseen force capable of transcending conventional limits and catalyzing a universal shift toward peace.

Embracing a mindset focused not on ‘how,’ but on the shared determination to overcome division, we seek to alter humanity’s trajectory. Peace is the symbol we create, infused with our unique energy that signals to all that we are dedicated to working toward flexible, forward thinking solutions.

Spread the Vibes: Peace

#ProjectCreatePeace isn’t just a gallery; it’s a movement. Connect with fellow artists and engage in positive discussions. Comment on the Peace that moves you, share your thoughts, and let the energy of creation ripple through our community. It’s a space to redirect thoughts towards a peaceful, abundant future.

Share Peace

This platform is a canvas for artists to share Peace with the world. Upload your paintings, sculptures, or any form of artistic expression of the new symbol, and connect with a community of others who believe in the power of adopting a new mindset of peace. This space celebrates the beauty of diversity, providing a space where positive vibes flourish and where negativity is banished.

Donate and Make a Difference

Be part of the good being done in the world. Our platform allows artists to list personal websites, social media links, and nonprofits they support. Donate to causes that resonate with you, order Peace stencils to spread the message, and reach out to us if you want to hold and promote Peace workshops in your area.